2015-07-22 meeting notes

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In attendence: Jenett, Nathan, Alan, Vic, Hans, Kyle, Zach, Chris Dadds, Neal, Daniel, Nick, Joey, Derek -left early, Apple


BLabs Expansion

3 buidlings

  • 2 58'x19', 1 500 square feet with refridgerator/bathroom(?)

1 space for $600/month

  • 15 members @ $40/month for rent
  • more for electricity
  • 42 members currently
  • 6 pay starving hacker rate

Lease terms?

  • city may want same as current terms
  • 5 year lease, 6 month prior notice to lease termination
  • with countinuing 3 month contingencies

Adam Nahaus may rent entire space and sublet to us or let us use it without formalities

We could max out at 50 members -Vic

worries of crap congestion

  • have a 6 month contingency
  • have adam nahaus as a contingent renter

appoint a building steward

  • alan nominated by derek
  • derek nominated by jenett, alan seconded


  • rent: 1050
  • electricity: 120
  • gas: 20 - ?
  • internet: 70
  • insurance: 60 - 700/year
  • total 1320
  • divided by 40
  • equals 33
  • 6 extra members bringing in $240/month extra



  • wheels, so as to roll
  • parking in a storage area

Rule Clarification

  • "Don't be a Dick" meaning?
  • clean up after yourself
  • ask permission to use others things
  • rule is actually "Be Excellent to Each Other"
  • signs?
  • Communicate better?
  • leave the space better
  • talk to people
  • make others aware
  • community guidelines
  • Noisebridge, for example
  • london hackerspace, for unexample-scroll to guides and rules
  • new member packet
  • Members must take their stuff with them


  • member storage space
  • shelves auctioned from next door
  • minimizing stationary horizontal areas
  • More professional the space looks, the more potential members can see themselves working here -Vic

people are willing to lend tools, but not leave them -Nick & Chris

Chris Dadds

with unlimited access to space next door, chris will up monthly dues by ~$200 and bring woodworking shop

Jenett's C class

  • $50 member price
  • $125 nonmember price
  • in the fall after Makevention


classroom in the new space

do we do enough classes to make that worthwhile

  • Jenett's C class
  • workshops
  • could have a continuous schedule, not bursts -daniel

Special interest groups


QR codes exist -Nathan

Trailer is available to all BLabs members -Neal

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