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Members meeting

SUN 22 SEP 2019

@ Bloominglabs


Present Board member
Dan (President)
Jimmy (Treasurer)
Sarah (Secretary)
Heath (At-large)
Tobias (At-large)
Member attendees
Kevin R.
Allyn L.
Iain D.

Quorum of voting members needed: 10


Time Topic
1:00 - 1:15 Welcome & donuts All
1:15 - 1:20 Moment of memory for Staci Radford-Vincent All
1:20 - 1:25 Review voting procedures & bylaws review Sarah
1:25 - 1:50 Financial update Jimmy
1:50 - 2:00 Proposed policy update: Dues Dan
2:00 - 2:05 Vote on proposed policy update Dan & Sarah
2:05 - 2:15 Website working group Sarah
2:15 - 2:30 Cleaning Jimmy
2:30 - 2:45 Theft and other non-excellence Dan
2:45 - 3:00 Internal infrastructure updates All


Began at 1:00 pm

  1. Moment of memory for Staci Radford-Vincent

    1. Workshop in her honor: 1pm to 4pm on Sunday, November 10th

    2. Asha will talk with WonderLab about possible cross-promotion of events

  2. Review voting procedures & bylaws review

    1. Discussed quorum requirements

    2. Discussed voting procedure

    3. Discussed amendment amendment with regard to bylaws updates

    4. Discussed attorney consultation on bylaws

  3. Financial update

    1. Current balances

      1. Checking: 1998.16
      2. Savings: 2881.74
      3. Total: 4879.90
      4. Makevention:

        1. ~680.00

        2. Will increase based on deposits from this past Friday

    2. Monthly expenses

      1. Rent: 1669.96

        1. Includes water utility; there’s a scheduled review of the water utilization cost in October with Mark, the landlord.

      2. Comcast: 49.95
      3. Dumpster: 48.00
      4. Vectren (gas): 25.00
      5. Electricity (average): 184.00
      6. Freshbooks: 50.00
    3. Cameron: suggestion of looking into budget billing for utilities for more predictable billing

    4. Last average utilization was $2060 per month, but is now approximately $2030 a month. Due to the variation in seasonal utilities, however, we are operating under an assumption of monthly costs of $2100.

    5. TO INSERT: Table from Jimmy’s notes

    6. Fully funding our monthly expenses through current membership would require 45 members @ $40/month and 15 members @ $20/month

    7. Dues increase is opt-out for existing members

    8. Discussion followed regarding the proposed update

  4. Proposed policy update (dues) & vote

    1. Effective date will be Nov 1. 2019

Member Vote
Dan Yes
Jimmy Yes
Sarah Yes
Heath Yes
Tobias Yes
Kevin R. Yes
Allyn L. Yes
Nathan Yes
Pete Yes
Cameron Yes
Steve Yes
Asha Yes
Eric Barsic Yes (Proxy)
Ryder Timberlake Yes (Proxy)
Steve Backs Yes (Proxy)

  1. Website working group

    1. Nathan

    2. Cameron

    3. Tobias

    4. Dan

    5. Rebeca (not present, but has expressed interest in the past)

  2. Cleaning

    1. Previous attempts to kickstart cleaning habits have not been as successful as we would have hoped

      1. We’ve tried area captains, but the space isn’t the responsibility of just one person per area
      2. Issues also occur in areas with heavy public use (woodshop, metal shop)
      3. Inform members of the public what the expectations are at the get-go (“Bloominglabs does not have staff”)
      4. Allyn will help with the ideal state pictures and work on checklists

        1. First phase: ideal state for certain areas

      5. Cameron has volunteered to throw away old parking ticketed things (polite hatchet wielder)

        1. Junkornot channel can be used for this

        2. Jimmy will assist

    2. Identify areas and tasks

    3. Need for a deep clean

    4. What is “clean”?

  3. Internal infrastructure updates

    1. Network

    2. RFID system expansion

    3. Tools from Chet (possibly)

    4. Possible grant from CFBMC

  4. Theft and other non-excellence

    1. Missing donations box

    2. Kitchen key

      1. Doors being re-keyed
      2. Kitchen and laser room to be added to RFID map
    3. Entrance doors

      1. Locks are being addressed, and we request that all members check the doors when entering/leaving
  5. Discussion followed regarding Bloominglabs neighbors, site security, and dumpster access

Adjourned at 3:10 PM

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