2020 Yearly Meeting Agenda

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Bloominglabs Annual Meeting 2020

Attendees (@ [timestamp]):


Consensus refresher:

No “nos”, or full, positive agreement

Example: Membership emails

When emails go out, people are asked if they disapprove of the membership. If they don’t, the member is approved. This counts as consensus.

Membership refresher:

Members can join through attending 3 public nights and then applying

Workshop attendance can also count for this number.

2019 Year In Review

————————– Financial review ————————–

Treasurer’s report

————————– State of the Space ————————–

What’s (who’s) working

  • Members!
  • Outreach

What’s not/didn’t

  • Wild Apricot
  • Email?

————————– Workshop overview ————————–

  • Machine Knitting
  • Banneker Center
  • Scribblebots
  • Sustainabarrels: Plant towers
  • Book binding

————————– Makevention ————————–

  • More workshops!
  • More exhibitors!
  • Questions about consolidation of IU sponsorships

————————– Fundraising ————————–

CFBMC Grant: rejected, but “really strong”

————————– Elections ————————–

Voting members: 38 Quorum: 10

President: Dan Treasurer: Julia Secretary: Tobias At-large: Rebeca (focus: finance) At-large: Cameron (focus: ops, safety/security)

————————– Bylaws ————————–

No new proposals

2020: The Year Ahead

————————– Fiery start ————————–

  • Rebuild
  • Regroup (possibly move CLEAN craft room)
  • Refocus (on safety training and communication)

————————– Finances ————————–

  • Splitting treasurer duties
  • CPA discussions
  • Do we want to ask local businesses to sponsor areas of Bloominglabs?
    • If so, which/which?
  • Informal commit from pro grant writers

————————– **Bloominglabs (qua Bloominglabs) 10th Anniversary*- ————————–

Let’s throw a serious shindig

————————– Operations ————————–

Computing Infrastructure



Tools/other stuff we don’t need

Next tools

————————– General ————————–

Project Entropy

Crafting Location

DAKMH Proposes: Current Lounge

Storage Location

DAKMH Proposes: Current Crafting


  • There’s yet another group that’s interested in it in the event that we’re not using it
  • Question: Are we using the kitchen enough to justify the cost of the kitchen?
    • Various pros & cons to the argument, but there’s a general need to see how much we use it
  • Equivalently $500/year or $60 a month
  • Would be a need for a private meeting space in the event that we dropped the kitchen from
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