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This is an entry point for officers/board members to get access into the operation of Bloominglabs Incorporated. This should also contain links to all of our important legal documents as needed. The end goal is to keep Bloominglabs functioning heathly regardless of who the officers are.


Officer Resources

Recommended Reading

How officers do their jobs

This is a collection of descriptions and notes for how officers do their jobs. The intent is to provide some direction to new officers and to assist existing officers to cover for each other if needed.

Yearly Dates to Remember

  • Officer Google Calendar should have all of these dates setup to help remind you.
    • The Google account bloominglabs at gmail dot com owns this calendar and someone with current access should share this to new officers.
  • Schedule the Annual Meeting by January 31st (may take place after this date) -
  • Is it New Years day? That means it's time to start preparing the Annual Report for prior year, to be presented at the Annual Meeting
  • Yearly by January 31st: Indiana DoR sales tax filing.
  • Yearly by May 15th: Indiana form NP-20 (Annual Report/sales tax exemption renewal) Also at
  • Yearly by May 15th: IRS form 990
  • USPS PO box: Due yearly by July 31st
  • Dotster domain name: Paid up through July, 2020
  • Dotster domain name: Paid up through November, 2020
  • S. Walnut lease started ?, 2018 and was for a 3 year period. ? months notice is required for either party to vacate the lease?
    • That first lease was vacated in Q1-2020, a new 1 year lease was signed starting mid-2020. Further 1-year leases have been executed since then.
    • Any signer of future leases should do a diff against the prior lease to generate a 100% accounting of all document changes before signing. This has bitten us before by missing changes made to renewed leases without us noticing.
  • Insurance: due yearly by mid-November
  • Every other year by December 31st: File Indiana Business Entity Report - Last filed 2016
  • Every two years (not sure dates, around mid May): File Property Taxes Form: Last filed 2017

Legal Documents

Document Repository

There are two Google Drive accounts which contains a lot of stuff like the Annual Reports, member surveys, and various spreadsheets. All officers should have the login's for these, new officers should be given access to this resource.

Member Oriented Operations

  • Membership Manual - General membership guideline new and old members can use as a reference. Outlines what is expected and how to get involved.
  • New Members - The new member guide that every new member gets emailed when they join, intent is to speed up how quickly new members can find resources available to them.
  • Bloominglabs Log - This is a historical log of events that happened at Bloominglabs, including informal events and activities.
  • PastEvents - This is where info from the front page retires to once it's out of date.

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