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Bloominglabs has gotten a few calls to action lately related to COVID-19, and I wanted to share those with you so that you can act on anything you feel most able to help with:

Any Blabs' efforts will be coordinated on Slack or the discuss mailing list:

Please share these as you want, and help however you can.

From our friends at the IU School of Education MILL:

Adam Maltese is working on a face-shield project, and is looking for thin acrylic, PETG, or other easily-cut, formable, transparent material, and collaborators to work on this.


From our friends at Dimension Mill:

Pat East, the executive director at The Mill] was brainstorming with execs at Cook and IU Health last night. We've got the start of a plan to manufacture face masks and are looking into N95 respirators. They can be 3D printed, the question is getting the right material for the filter. So a few questions...

  • How many 3D printers do you have?
  • How can we get access to more?
  • Could you figure out how to get the right material for the filter?



From various sources: CDC-compliant cloth face masks e.g.

Ambu-bag based ventilator projects e.g.

Sub-project for a Laser Cuttable Full Face Shield using Bloominglabs's resources.

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