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Complete these steps prior to every public event, including public hours.

Space Rangers are primarily responsible for completion of this Protocol and the Closing Protocol.

At Bloominglabs

  1. Clean the bathroom.
    1. Ensure the toilet works.
    2. Ensure toilet paper resupply is within arm's reach of the toilet.
    3. Check paper towel level and, if low, ensure refill roll is visible and nearby.
  2. Sweep the floor, especially along walkways.
  3. Empty trash cans if over half-full.
  4. Clean dishes in kitchen sink and store out of sight.
  5. Ensure at least 10 File:RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY.pdf are on a clipboard with a working pen and sitting on a prominent table.
  6. If anything smells weird, set up floor fans to ventilate the room and open a window as well.


  1. Note exits and bathroom locations.
    1. Communicate these to all guests.
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