Machining workshop prep notes

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Instructor notes for conducting a machining class, a fair number of tools and materials need to be stocked and setup ahead of time in order for the classes to run smoothly.

At least 2 weeks before class

  • Order metal stock if needed
  • Verify we have enough spindle & way oil
  • Verify we have usable cutting bits and end mills
  • Verify calipers all have good batteries (locate all sets of calipers)
  • Verify dial-indicators are all located and working
  • Check that oiling charts, cutting tool grinding charts, and decimal-to-fraction posters are still in place
    • The Signage page has copies of all shop posters for reprinting if neccessary
  • Send reminder email out for homework

Weekend before class

  • Clean up workbenches, make sure machines are in working order and are not missing tools and parts
  • Verify EPO switches are working correctly
  • Locate all oil cans, top them off as needed
  • Sharpen lathe cutting tools for first class
  • Print drawings for part students will make
  • Send reminder email about appropriate attire, workshop fees if not already collected
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