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PrintrBot its cabinet

Bloominglabs has a PrintrBot Simple v1 (1310) 3D printer, controlled with a donated ag150.


Official Documentation

PrintrBot model 1310 is pretty old, and the information on it is not easily available on All of the official documentation on the "legacy" printrbots can be found in this google drive folder. The (copyrighted) assembly manual can be found here.

Using Locally

Login to the ag150 with username "blabs". Cura software GPL AFFERO V1

Using via Command Line

Login remotely with secure shell: "ssh -XC blabs@". The Arduino terminal can be used to directly talk to the PrintrBot. Serial is set up to be 115200 baud.

Useful g-codes

  • M115 reports Firmware installed.
FIRMWARE_NAME: Marlin v1; Sprinter/grbl mashup for gen6 
  • M114 reports position.
  • M119 reports endpoint status.
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