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Satellite Networked Open Ground Station

I'm currently working on getting two types of ground stations working. The first will be a stationary/no-rotator station which can pick up satellites as they pass overhead. The second station will be a rotator based station. This page will track my progress on both stations.

Info on the work I did on the v2 rotator ground station can be found here: SatNOGS_Ground_Station_v2

No-Rotator Station

I have a UHF "paralindy" antenna I've built with cshields, we did some preliminary testing and found they work well enough to continue testing. I've also mostly completed a 2m Lindenblad that the paralindy was loosely based on, that seems to work too.

v3.1 Rotator Station

Piecing together a complete build-of-materials for the latest version of the rotator is a little challenging. As of February 2019 a good summary can be found in this forum post:

When looking for documentation it's important to remember that information can live in 3 places: The wiki, the assembly guides, and in gitlab.

Build page for the hardware/mechanical parts

Build page for the rotator controller (electronics)

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