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We are developing a program to help ensure that guests, new members, and workshoppers all have a good time when they visit Bloominglabs. This program is known as the Excellent Space Ranger Initiative: Laser Ingenious Conduct Overwatch Organization League, aka ESRILICOOL.

What is a Space Ranger?

Space Rangers are:

  1. Really cool.
  2. Not on fire.
  3. Excellent.
  4. Responsible.
  5. Problem solvers.
  6. Pro-cleaning.
  7. Pro-help.

What are the responsibilities of a Space Ranger?

In short, Space Rangers volunteer to make sure a public event goes smoothly. Additionally, Space Rangers solemnly vow to:

  1. Before the event:
    1. Complete the Entrance Protocol.
    2. If a given item is blocked, provide a 1. safe, 2. clean, and 3. respectable workaround for guests until the item can be rectified.
  2. During the event:
    1. Enthusiastically greet visitors and give complete tours of the space (or an overview of the venue, if off-site).
    2. Ensure all newcomers have signed File:RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY.pdf before they start wandering around the space and touching dangerous machinery.
    3. Be available to answer questions and provide guidance on how to use equipment.
  3. After the event:
    1. Complete all protocols relevant to rooms the event utilized.
    2. If a given checklist item is blocked, alert membership and seek advisement on how to rectify it.

Who is eligible for Space Rangerdom?

Anyone who demonstrates excellence.

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