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Here's where we'll put info about TrueScheme. My first suggestion is we don't mention the word "TD" for fear this page will turn up in a google search I'll try to get this page not to be indexed, but for safety, don't say "TD".

If you need an account on the wiki to change things, email dosman ]at[ packetsniffers d o t org. and he'll get you one. Mention you are with TrueScheme.

Email list - truescheme ]at[ bloominglabs ]dot[ org.

If you need to join the mailing list, go to:

truescheme {at} bloominglabs {dot} org SignUp


Story Line

  • Room 1: Lion's heads mounted to the wall that play tones when you stick your hand into them. The players have to collectively play a tune to proceed.
  • Room 2: Easy combat - perhaps a slime?
  • Room 3:
  • Room 4: Lights out game
  • Room 5: Werewolf (only be attacked with silver weapons)
  • Room 6:
  • Room 7: Vampire

Room Ideas

  • Jenett: I'm building an infrared harp which should be done in a couple of weeks. I want to incorporate that into a room somehow. Here's what I'm now picturing. Eight wooden lion heads are mounted on the wall. Eventually the players figure out that if they stick their hands in the lion's mouth, a tone is produced. The party has to then position themselves around the room, each taking a note, and then collectively play a tune in order to proceed.
  • Jenett: I'm building a LightsOut and will eventually build a 5'x5' table with gems as the buttons. We hope to use this in our hackerspace as something to drag to maker faires, but I want to build it for TD as well. In it's easiest form, you can solve the puzzle in a matter of a couple of minutes if you know the trick. If you don't know the trick, it can be daunting but solvable in 12 minutes. If the puzzle is too easy, you can make it harder by changing the pattern that is toggled, or having the pattern wrap around, or many other things. It's easily a "You must prove yourself worthy to be able to continue" standard puzzle that Jeff always has.
  • Barry: Combat: I have had a couple of ideas: Flint golem, Kobold horde, Ghost
  • Barry: Dexterity based challenges: I don't yet have a great idea for one of these
  • Archmage78: There should be a room that is totally dark, the players would have to stick their hands into different bins looking for a key, the bins could be filled with things that represent other things, the darkened room could be a mages laboratory that has had an accident that extinguishes all light. The party would have to find the key and the exit itself. One bin might have grapes that would be like eyes, another spaghetti to represent whatever we wanted to say it was. I'm sure we could come up with a whole host of things, or there could be a riddle and they have to figure out in the dark what is in each bin to get out of the room. It could be epic.
  • Jenett: I have a whole bunch of motion sensors and we can hack them according to this tutorial: Hack Motion Detectors It would be cool to trigger effects using these.

Project Time Line


  • We should do this on a Saturday and then party and hang out Saturday night
  • We have an inside to when Jeff makes trips to Indy. We'll try to coordinate this with one of those trips and Jeff can just make a side-trip to Bloomington.


  • This will be held at Bloominglabs which is a hackerspace in Bloomington, IN. We have a 1,000 sq ft place that would be perfect for this. The hackerspace members I have talked to so far have said we could do it there, and some of them may be interested in helping.
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