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Attendees: Nathan, Steve, Jenett, Jay, Dan, Zach, Mitchell, Barry, Adam, Nick, Owen


RFI for the firehouse

  • Code changes
    • ADA bathrooms
    • Change the swing of the front door
    • Put a platform on the back door
    • Get the ceiling up to a 2 hour fire rating (may already be that way, but probably not)
  • City will review the responses and get back to us
  • Probably won't do anything with the firehouse until 2014


  • Fund raising at Makevention
  • $1200 grant opportunity through the city for art projects

Non-Profit Status

  • Bloominglabs LLC is no more!
  • Bloominglabs Incorporated is born!
  • All donations for tax credit purposes needs to go through the School Factory

Laser cutter

  • 100W laser would be awesome, but expensive
  • Need to have some fund raisers for this


  • Current officers
    • Nathan, president
    • Steve, secretary
    • Jenett, treasurer
  • The current officers were voted to continue their terms for 2013.

Fab Lab

  • Nicole Jacquard, prof in Fine Arts, wants to relocate her 3D printers from IU at Bloominglabs

Physical Security

  • We should get some better cameras and motion detectors
  • Possibly get insurance for the tools
  • Maybe create a security group

New Digital Infrastructure

Wonderlab summer camps ideas

  • throwies
  • led push button lights
  • kylie peppler's group
  • conductive playdough
  • makey-makey

Workshops Ideas

  • We need em!
  • Nick will hold a solar panel workshop
  • Corey will hold a HAM radio workshop
  • Jay has the stuff to do a Raspberry Pi workshop
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