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(Concerns about sebletting:)
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In Attendence:
In Attendence:
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Chirs Dadd,
Chris Dadd,
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* Nay: Chris, Nathan, Neal, Steve, David, Kyle, Jay
* Nay: Chris, Nathan, Neal, Steve, David, Kyle, Jay
* Not voting: Apple
* Not voting: Apple

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In Attendence: Nathan, Daniel, Kyle, Steve, Jay, David, Joey, Neal, Chris Dadd, Dave, Apple, Heath, Vic & Hans, and Derek.

[edit] Concerns about subletting:

Possibly threatens our nonprofit status

  • shouldn't, still obviously about education & outreach

Options: 1. We take the whole space 2. we sublet from Nahas 3. We sublet part and Chris sublets part

  • contract drawn up, signed
  • no guarantee people would like it in the future
  • walls will have to be built, more complexity & risk

Makerspaces are acommercial

  • not necessarily anticommercial
  • some members don't want to subsidize businesses
  • Gives us the ability to grow
  • will get more members in the fall and winter
  • Growth equals problems (herding cats, etc)
  • don't want to be the London Hackerspace
  • forcing issues/deadlines seem antiethical to hackerspaces

Time pressure

  • "for $600/month, we could buy some cool shit"
  • warehouse nearby has 30,000 sq ft for rent
  • another building would be awesome, but more responsibilities
  • Not our mission to be a landlord
  • we've adjusted to large projects in the past

We can not afford it -Vic

  • can't assume more space equals more members
  • members could pledge a years worth of money, if the money comes close to pledging enough, we could get the space
  • we could get a grant/s to help cover
  • all that is moot with the deadline

John Perry writes grants

  • getting a unimog to make compost with

14 members paying $40/month would cover it

  • Still could work with Adam Nahas later on
  • if the option comes up again, we could relook at it

[edit] Misc.

Clean up date sometime in September

  • decide things to keep, sell, trash…

Adam Nahaus has other things going on, we will see what happens

Lift Placement

  • general consensus is 45°

[edit] Vote:

To rent the warehouse

  • Aye: Heath, Dave, Joey
  • Nay: Chris, Nathan, Neal, Steve, David, Kyle, Jay
  • Not voting: Apple
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