2017 Yearly Meeting

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Meeting will be held Saturday, February 11th, from 5pm-9pm.

Meeting Agenda

  • Get a pizza order figured out and funds collected, when we are ready to order just pull the lever
  • 2016 Annual Report presented by the existing board
    • Annual Report linked here
  • Officer elections

Year in review 2016

  • Member survey results
  • What workshops did we have?
    • Arduino
    • Arduino and Motors
    • 3D Printing
    • Laser Cutter
    • Arduino + Motors + 3D Printing + Laser Cutting as the 'Useless Machine' Series
    • Welding Day
  • Nation of Makers
  • Trebuchet (great group project + we won the accuracy prize)
  • Instructables Makerspace Contest (we achieved the 10+ Featured Instructables Prize level)
    • Small laser engraver from MakeBlock procured as a prize
  • Member exit survey responses
  • Current member survey results
  • Makevension 2016 - how did it go?
    • Makevention 2017 - are we doing it again?
    • Fundraising for our eventual move using Makevention?

2017 Goals

  • Keep an eye out for the next home of Bloominglabs
  • Fundraising for our move (build-out to make our current location habitable was about $1500)
  • Spring 2017 workshops
  • Keep Rockin'
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