2019 Yearly Meeting

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Boominglabs 2019 Yearly Meeting Agenda

Annual Meeting Preface

  • Welcome, new members since last annual meeting!
  • What is Consensus?
  • What is membership, and how does that happen?
  • What are donuts, and how do they magically appear?

Financial Preamble

Electric: 1924.26 </br> Freshbooks: 139.65</br> Garbage: 677.04</br> Gas*: 109.19</br> Insurance: 871.25</br> Internet: 897</br> Makevention: 277.66</br> Lowes/Menards: 1619.05</br> Metal Shop: 2363.91</br> Misc: 292.43</br> Parade: 41.78</br> Rent: 14968.25</br> Rent Deposit: 1000</br> Water*: 88.96</br> Government filings: 22</br> Workshop expenses: 135</br> </br> Total expenses: 25427.43</br> Total income: 27775.10</br> Net change: 2139.64</br> </br> Savings account</br> Initial balance: 2376.83</br> Ending balance: 2603.56</br> Net change: 226.73</br> </br> </br> Monthly Expenses</br> </br> Rent: 1360.75</br> Electric: 200</br> Freshbooks: 20</br> Gas*: 40</br> Garbage: 48</br> Insurance: 73</br> Internet: 70</br> Water*: 50</br> Total: 1861.75</br> </br> Full member cost / month: 46.5</br> </br>

  • started paying in October


2018 year in review

  • Member survey results
  • Member exit survey results
    • Need to send out exit surveys to members who left
  • Who have we collaborated with?
    • Community Foundation (STEM Lunches)
    • MCPL
    • Wonderlab
  • What workshops did we have?
    • Blender
    • Needle felting (attempted)
    • Soldering (x2)
    • Laser cutting and engraving
    • Arduino
    • Micropython and IoT
    • Build an IoT Switch (Jay Sissom)
    • Welding Day
    • Machining (x2)
    • Makevention onsite workshops:
      • Lockpicking
      • Soldering
    • Needle felting (actual)
    • #badgelife (with special guest hosts mzbat and 'Frank the Tank')
  • Makevention
    • 2018 (Year 6!) - how did it go?
      • Financial Report
    • 2019
  • Trebuchet.
  • Fundraising, donations, and attempts
  • The Move Pt2: The Move In
    • Remodeling
    • Space definition
    • Continuing work

Break for Lunch

Officer elections

  • Prospective Nominees:
    • President: LaserDan
    • Treasurer: Heath
    • Secretary: Sarah
    • At-large: Laura, Pete, Alex, Jimmy

2019 Pressing issues, goals, and things to discuss

  • The Space!
    • How happy are we? Do we want to talk with Mark now about a long-term lease?
    • How much do we need the kitchen?
  • Members!
    • Better onboarding needed, but how?
    • Better access to spaces, but how? /s
    • Member photo wall
  • Software infrastructure
    • FreshBooks price increase
      • Alternatives matrix
      • How do you pronounce "Apricot"?
    • Actually getting other systems off Dosman's Linode instance
  • Security infrastructure
    • Additional RFID equipment
    • New door?
    • Cameras
    • Reflective film for glass doors
  • Cleanliness and excellence
    • "Is this the best use of this space?"
    • "What if someone parked their stuff in space I wanted to work in?"
    • "What if someone put a parking sticker on my project?"
    • "
  • Other space needs
    • Fume hood exhaust hole
    • Enhance dust collection w/filter & cyclone/baffle
    • Good shop-vac to replace Gavin's
    •  ??
  • Membership goals
  • Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!
    • Machine knitting (already on the schedule)
    • Laser cutting
    • Soldering
    • Book binding
    • Sustainabarrels?
    • Welding?
    • Arduino
    • Fun with LEDs
    • Needle felting
    • How not to be on fire/Avoiding being called "Stumpy" (workshop safety)
    • Resin casting
    • Recording your work (photo/video)?
    • Tool overview?
  • Non-workshop event days
    • Open houses
    • Rummage sales
    • Show and Yell
    • FIY days
  • Space workdays
    • Recycling runs (req. commandeering a truck)
    • Cleaning
    • Maintenance
    • Junk teardown
    • Repair
  • We have a wind turbine generator in storage at Nathans that belongs to the space
    • And two power inverters in the electronics room for battery charging
    • And a large solar cell in the members room which Will left behind
  • Laboratory fume hood vent hookup
  • Makevention
    • Volunteers vs Exhibitors
    • Bloominglabs booth
      • Dedicated runner who is not the booth organizer
      • Members who have booths should not double-dip on Bloominglabs vending space
    • Committee members? JOIN US!
  • Anything else?
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