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4th Of July Parade Projects

We are planning some big things for the 4th of July parade. It's a way off, but let's not get too complacent - some of these projects will need a lot of coordination. In the end the coolness will be worth it. Here are some ideas people have brainstormed - feel free to step up as a 'project lead', or at least to schedule some work sessions or flesh out the ideas. We should probably use this page as the 'top level' page. Project leaders (project scribes?) can maintain separate project pages with the in-depth design and schedule details.


We should have a central float, some walkers (band w/ handmade/hacked instruments), and 2 rideable smaller stunt vehicles.


Let's build us a Straandbeest (see this for inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37BsADFmHGU&feature=related)

Chully has stepped up as the leader on this one.


This will be a 16 leg version. Legs will be constructed from 1X4s, and plywood bed/angle iron materials. Nathan has volunteered (soon to be) his house as a construction location.


  • Chully
  • Nathan
  • Steve

(sign up here, wiki-ites)


March 3, 2011 Some prototyping with cardboard at the March 3rd meeting

Marching Band

Mini Vehicles

Smoke Ring Drums

Twinkie Launcher

IR Scrolling Display

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