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==Finished Projects==
==Finished Projects==
[[lasercutrpicase|Laser cut raspberry pi case]]
* [[Laser cut raspberry pi case]]
==Ongoing Projects==
==Ongoing Projects==

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Finished Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Working on the knitting machine. Very slow progress. Hopefully that knitting machine expert will come back and fix it!
  • 3D printer. This is a 3D printer that belongs to IU but if I get it fixed up we can hold onto it for a while
  • Nook / book covers from the laser cutter. Daniel and I might be doing some laser experiments to get some nice book or nook covers out of some of the birch plywood.

Future Projects

  • I have a lot of lillypad arduino stuff I want to play around with. I just haven't found the time yet.
  • I would LOVE to find something super awesome to do with my Raspberry Pi. I hear that's a common problem.
  • I want to make an iOS game that involves learning morse code.
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