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Put your ideas about the Bloominglabs Booth here!

  • Photo booth
    • Jay is willing to bring his photo booth (doesn't necessarily have to be in the Bloominglabs area)
  • Laser booth
    • Dan (a.k.a. Laserman)
  • Vacuum forming machine
    • Need a volunteer for this
    • Need to work with the Soapy Soap people to mold soap from the molds we make at Makevention
    • Need to have things to mold
    • Do we need more plastic? (yes, I will order some after August 1st - Nathan)
  • Sales/donation desk
    • Need a volunteer for this
  • DIY speakers desk
    • Need a volunteer for this
    • Rowan said that he can help out for a few hours here
  • Twinkie launcher
    • Need a volunteer for this
    • May build a few more of them and have a twinkie archery contest
    • Need to acquire twinkies
  • Circuit bending booth
  • Frankentstein stuffed animal booth
  • Heath's booth
    • Bicycle - currently being built.
      • Really want it on the bike trail for people to ride.
      • I'd be glad to switch out with people throughout the day.
    • Rain barrels
      • If someone else wants to run the rain barrel booth that would be awesome-tastic.
      • Could have some barrels there that people could build them on site.
      • a sign up sheet for a Bloominglabs barrel class.
      • another sign up sheet for people to purchase rain barrels pre-made.
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