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We have a closed circuit TV network in our space. A group of us ran coax to 3 locations through the ceiling in our space. We have several video sources which can deliver video to the network and hope to support multiple methods of output. The most practical use is for workshops which over crowd our largest room (the workshop), a video feed can deliver the content to all the other rooms in the space. Also the system can be used to play music throughout the space, as well as watch movies and other fun things.

A/V Rack



File:BLabs CCTV Network - today.pdf

Network Diagram

How to use the A/V rack

  1. Turn on the power strip in the bottom of the rack, it is dark grey and may be somewhat buried - the cord and strip are labled, the cord runs into the front of the rack.
  2. Select an A/V source from the 8 channel switcher (VGA from front room, MAME cabinet, DVD player, PCH/Pop Corn Hour, VCR, etc.)
  3. Power on the A/V source if required (DVD player, VCR, etc)
  4. Turn on the TV in the room you wish to view the A/V feed
  5. When you are the last person out of the space or done with the A/V rack please turn it off (along with any TV’s or projectors)

Video sources

  • Pop Corn Hour network streaming device
  • VGA to composite input (MAME cabinet)
  • VGA to composite input from front room (laptop feed)
  • 5-disk DVD changer
  • VCR
  • Composite feed from laser room (camcorder - view of laser cutter bed)
  • Composite feed from front room (unconnected)

Additionally we can switch to our cable TV feed (which comes with our cable internet access).

Video switcher

Kramer VS-801N with 8 inputs to 1 output (2 parallel outputs), serially and manually controlled.

RF Modulator

We have a frequency agile RF modulator which can output channels 2-99, currently set for channel 6. We plan to add additional channels as more RF modulators are accumulated.


A 4-way low-noise video splitter is being used to feed 3 TV's throughout the space and a monitor on top of the A/V rack.


  • All TV's on the coax network
  • Projector in front room (2nd composite output of switcher to VGA converter in A/V rack)

Coming soon!

  • RF Modulators waiting to be installed - ChannelPlus 5525 dual channel agile modulator, a Blonder Tongue agile modulator, and modulator factory set for channel 10.
  • 16 input Bosch Video multiplexor - video only, can combine multiple video feeds into a single display (4x4, 8x8, etc)

Possible additions:

  • Video to IP so members outside the space can see what is on the network
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