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Our non-profit status

Our formal name is "Bloominglabs Incorporated" and we are incorporated as a non-profit within the State of Indiana. Furthermore, Bloominglabs Incorporated is fiscally sponsored by School Factory, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

How we handle monetary donations

Since we are fiscally sponsored by the School Factory, all monetary donations are required to go through them. Our PayPal button on our front page goes directly to the School Factory, and all cash and check donations must be mailed to the School Factory. The School Factory takes 10% and then sends us back the rest.

More information about this process:

The cliff-notes are to just fill out this form for cash and check donations (and if the donator wants more than just the paypal receipt for electronic donations):

How we handle hardware donations

We can take in-kind hardware donations without any issues. If the donor would like a receipt then we need to identify an appropriate value for the item and fill out the School Factory Donation Form:

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