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Welcome to Bloominglabs, Bloomington's very own hackerspace!

Bloominglabs is Indiana's first hackerspace also known as a makerspace. We are a group of community members that have commonly rented a place where we can collectively build projects. We are open to the public on Wednesday evenings from 7pm until 10pm and are family friendly.

Also, a big hackerspace welcome to Club Cyberia, the new Indianapolis hackerspace! This space has been a long time in the making, and is now a reality. Check them out at


Who are we?

Bloominglabs was forged from the Bloomington Hackerspace Initiative and the former IU Robotics Club. We are a bunch of people that want to do interesting things and explore the world and technology around us.

Stay informed

Our Location

We have 1,000 sq ft of which 750 sq ft is unfinished, cement floor workspace and 250 sq ft is finished office space for hanging out. There's also a full bathroom. The address is 3927 W. Roll Avenue which is just north of 2nd Street up Curry Pike. Come check it out! [MAP]

Kits For Sale

Bloominglabs is a reseller of adafruit kits and products. See KitsForSale for details.

For members: check out our page about selling things at the workshops at SellingThings and for calculating sales tax, check out Sales Tax Calculator for 47401


Reserve a spot at any of our workshops or classes by sending email to contact]at[

  • Circuit Board Printing Workshop
    • Tuesday, September 11th from 6pm to 9pm
    • The space will also be made available on September 18th from 6pm to 9pm to finish up anything not done in the first workshop
    • Bring your own circuit board design to print or print an Arduino circuit board or ATTINY AVR programmer circuit board
    • Leave the workshop with a printed circuit board all drilled and ready to be populated!
    • Heat transfer method or photo resist method (for an extra fee)
    • $20 for non-members/free for members ($5 extra for the photo resist method)
    • Attendance required at the September 11th workshop in order to come to the September 18th workshop
  • Soldering Workshop
    • Tuesday, September 25th from 6pm until 9pm
    • The space will also be made available on October 2nd from from 6pm until 9pm to finish up anything not done in the first workshop
    • Populate the circuit board you printed in our previous workshop or Adafruit kits will be available including Minty Boosts, TV-B-Gones, and Drawdios. We will have some simple buzzer circuits available as well.
    • $10 for non-members/free for members - plus materials cost (between $5 and $20 depending on the project chosen)
    • Attendance required at the September 25th workshop in order to come to the October 2nd workshop
  • Intro to Arduino Programming Workshop
    • October 9th and October 16th from 7pm to 9pm
    • Learn how to program an Arduino! Use the Arduino you built in the previous workshops, bring your own Arduino you bought from Adafruit or Radio Shack, or use one of Bloominglabs' Arduinos.
    • Please bring your own laptop (running Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows). Bloominglabs will have a limited number of laptops available.
    • More information on what will be covered is forthcoming
    • $30 for non-members for the two day course/free for members
  • NOTE: Take the Tackle the Ardunio Challenge! Build your own Arduino by printing a circuit board in our Circuit Board Printing Workshop, buy the parts from us (between $15 and $20), and populate the board in the Soldering Workshop. Then learn how to program it in the Intro to Arduino Programming Workshop. All workshops are free to members!
  • Intro to Computer Programming class Thursdays from 6:30pm until 9pm
    • See class notes at
    • This 10 week long class will start on October 4th and end on December 20th with no meeting on November 15th or November 22nd.
    • The course will be taught in C and a syllabus can be found here(subject to minor changes).
    • We will cover what would be covered in a rigorous freshman Intro to Programming college course.
    • Text will be Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C Programming Language: 2nd edition"
    • Cost is $125 non-members/$50 members and all proceeds go to Bloominglabs!
    • You need to be committed to attending every week and there will be assignments to work on outside of class (but no exams!).
    • Send an email to contact ]at[ bloominglabs ]dot[ org if you are interested in attending.

Current Events (PastEvents)

We have lockers available for rent now!!

  • OpenHouse
    • Saturday, September 8th from 10am-3pm
    • Tell your friends!
    • See you there!
  • Public Hack Meetings!
    • Every Wednesday from 7pm until 10pm
    • Come build projects, ask questions, teach things, and learn stuff
    • All ages and everyone is welcome


We have acquired a mill. If you are a member and want to chip in for it, add your pledge to the Mill page.

What is a hacker space?

It's a physical location where people can share resources for their own creative pursuits. It's also a resource where people can come in off the street and advance their own knowledge. In urban locations it can often be hard to find places to weld/build/make noise and keep projects on-going without having to tear down and put-up your work each evening. With a hacker space people can work on their projects and not worry about annoying their neighbors or spouses. The social aspect is also incredibly important component. Having people to bounce ideas off of and discuss your projects with when you get stuck is a great thing.


We are accepting memberships! Please see the Membership Manual for details.


Currently we meet every Wednesday at 7:00pm at 3927 W. Roll Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana. These meetings are open to the public; anyone is welcome to attend. We usually meet for 2-3 hours and have a lot of fun. Having access to tools is only part of the equation, socializing with people and learning from each other is another large benefit from our group. Pretty much whatever people want to work on or learn is fair game. We currently have an electronics and robotics focus but there's also interest in general science and astronomy as well. If it's cool and interesting then we are all interested.

Current Projects


What needs to be done yet?

Check out the Todo list to see the latest things we need to get done.

Also see who else is working on this project: Special:ListUsers

Uploaded files: Special:ImageList

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