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(Possible Events)
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Venue Ideas

  • Close off a city street and hold it there
    • 4th Street between Walnut and Indiana
    • 4th Street in front of Wonderlab
  • Convention Center (not free :( )
    • Also use the parking lot across the B-Line and the parking lot across College
    • Also use the B-Line
  • Farmer's Market Stalls
    • Has electricity!!!
  • School

Possible Dates

  • September 7, 2013

Name Ideas

  • Makevention
  • Maker Festival
  • Make, Build, Do Fest

Organizing Team

  • Jenett from Bloominglabs
  • Therese Miller from IU


  • LVL1
  • Hive13
  • Wonderlab
  • Indiana Filmmakers Network
  • Bloomington Print Collective
  • Bloomington and IU Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Nicole Jacquard/IU's fab lab
  • Cold Hard Art (the dude that sold us the mill)
  • Charlie Peck/LittleFe
  • Lego League (maybe have a Lego League competition)
  • MIT SeaPerch
  • Local FIRST robotics teams
  • IU EOT teams
  • Trained Eye Arts

Possible Events

  • Power Wheels Race
  • Lego League Competition
  • Circuit Bending
  • Thursday night music event at the Bluebird
  • Open houses at local makers space in Bloomington on Friday night
    • Bloominglabs
    • Trained Eye Arts
    • Bloomington Print Collective
    • Ecovillage
  • Saturday night Par-Tay at Bloominglabs


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