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Makevention 2014



Letters of Support

  • Library
  • City
  • BTP
  • Wonderlab

Current Activities

  • Venue
  • Date


  • Convention Center - cost $2,150
    • Also use the parking lot across the B-Line and the parking lot across College
    • Also use the B-Line


  • August 30th
    • Convention Center is totally open and they have us pencilled in at this time
    • Same weekend as the 4th Street Art Festival
    • Same weekend as an ISU (from Terre Haute)/IU home game
    • Might be cool to do something with the Terre Haute Hackerspace and Rose Hulmann (I have contacts at both)

Organizing Team

  • Jenett Tillotson, Bloominglabs, general chair, jtillots ]at[ cogbots ]dot[ com
  • Therese Miller, IU/PTI, sponsorships, millertm ]at[ iu ]dot[ com
  • Steve Backs, Monroe County Public Library, stivab ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Michael Hoerger, Monroe County Public Library , advertising and graphic design, michaelismichael ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Marc Cheetah, Monroe County Public Library, sponsors and general stuff, marc.j.cheetah ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Nathan Heald, Bloominglabs, registration and schwag, dosman ]at[ packetsniffers ]dot[ com
  • Barbara Hallock, volunteer coordinator, bahalloc ]at[ iu ]dot[ edu
  • Austin Toombs, Bloominglabs booth coordinator, austintoombs ]at[ googlemail ]dot[ com
  • Dan Halsey, Bloominglabs, badge maker and exhibitor coordinator, dakhalsey ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com

Possible Exhibitors

  • Center for Sustainable Living
    • Bike Project
    • Discardia
  • LVL1, Hive13, Club Cyberia, Makerspace: Goshen
  • Wonderlab
  • Indiana Filmmakers Network
  • Bloomington Print Collective
  • Bloomington and IU Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Nicole Jacquard/IU's fab lab
  • Local FIRST robotics teams
  • Trained Eye Arts
  • Robot Drawing Collective
  • My Sister's Closet
  • EGBG's - a Bloomington glass blowing shop
  • Knitting club
  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Possible Events

  • Power Wheels Race
  • Circuit Bending
  • Frankenstein stuffed animals
  • Thursday night music event at the Bluebird
  • Open houses at local makers space in Bloomington on Friday night
    • Bloominglabs
    • Trained Eye Arts
    • Bloomington Print Collective
    • Ecovillage
  • Saturday night Par-Tay at Bloominglabs


  • Hoosier Hills
  • Project School
  • Pinnacle School


Possible Sponsors

  • Pinnacle School
  • Hoosier Energy
  • Crane's STEM group
  • PTI
  • Cook
  • Ivy Tech
    • Entrepeneurship Institute - Steve Bryant
  • Bender Lumber
    • Paul Bender - 812-339-9730 x210
  • Boston Scientific in Spencer
  • Cummins
  • Baxter
  • Herald Times (maybe in-kind advertising)
  • MCPL (in-kind graphic design)
  • Stansifers
  • Kleindorfers
  • Neff Engineering, a local 80/20 distributor
  • Lowes, Menards, Radio Shack
  • Bloomington Technology Partnership
    • Ron Walker
    • Katy Birge
  • SproutBox
  • Mark Krenz/SUSO
  • Layne Hydro
    • Vic's company


  • Mike McAfee, Executive Director, Visit Bloomington, mike ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Laura Newton, Assistant Directory, Visit Bloomington, laura ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Talisha Coppock, Executive Director, Convention Center, tcoppock ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com
  • Zoe Monts, Sales and Event Assistant, Convention Center, zoe ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com
  • Lauren Dexter, Event Coordinator, Convention Center, lauren ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com


  • Cost?


  • Venue
  • Insurance
  • Printing
    • Flyers and posters to put up around Bloomington
    • Yard signs
    • Banners for the event
    • Handouts/Program for the event
  • Advertising
  • T-shirts for volunteers
  • 50 Makevention shirts to sell during event plus pre-sales orders and volunteer shirts / ordered 8-8
  • Other Schwag?


  • Charge vendors more ($50?)
  • Encourage $5 per person/$15 for families donations

Registration handout / badges & schwag

  • 200 lanyards with badge clips / ordered 8-8
  • Wood gear laser-cut badges for $10, 100 to be made
  • 500 paper badges

Other events around the same time

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