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Makevention 2014


We have two mailing lists setup, a committee list for those who wish to help put this event together and an announcement list for those who want to be notified of official details of the event. Please feel free to join in!


Letters of Support

  • Library
  • City
  • BTP
  • Wonderlab

Current Activities

  • Venue
  • Date


  • Convention Center - cost $2,150
    • Also use the parking lot across the B-Line and the parking lot across College
    • Also use the B-Line
    • Not available the weekend before classes start
  • Street in front of Wonderlab
    • Cost - could be free? The city has offered to close a street off for us
    • Electricity?
    • Tents?


  • August 23rd
    • Convention Center isn't totally available (they've already booked the air walled rooms)
    • Same weekend as the resale trail
    • Could do something on 4th street in front of Wonderlab
  • August 30th
    • Convention Center is totally open and they have us pencilled in at this time
    • Same weekend as an ISU/IU home game
    • Might be cool to do something with the Terre Haute Hackerspace and Rose Hulmann (I have contacts at both)

Organizing Team

  • Jenett Tillotson, Bloominglabs, exhibitors and general chair, jtillots ]at[ cogbots ]dot[ com
  • Therese Miller, IU/PTI, sponsorships, millertm ]at[ iu ]dot[ com
  • Steve Backs, Monroe County Public Library, stiva ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Michael Hoerger, Monroe County Public Library , advertising and graphic design, michaelismichael ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Marc Cheetah, sponsors and general stuff, marc.j.cheetah ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com
  • Nathan Heald, Bloominglabs, registration and schwag, dosman ]at[ packetsniffers ]dot[ com
  • Barbara Hallock, volunteer coordinator, bahalloc ]at[ iu ]dot[ edu
  • Austin Toombs, Bloominglabs booth coordinator, austintoombs ]at[ googlemail ]dot[ com

Possible Exhibitors

  • Center for Sustainable Living
    • Bike Project
    • Discardia
  • LVL1, Hive13, Club Cyberia, Makerspace: Goshen
  • Wonderlab
  • Indiana Filmmakers Network
  • Bloomington Print Collective
  • Bloomington and IU Amateur Radio Clubs
  • Nicole Jacquard/IU's fab lab
  • Local FIRST robotics teams
  • Trained Eye Arts
  • Robot Drawing Collective
  • My Sister's Closet
  • EGBG's - a Bloomington glass blowing shop
  • Knitting club
  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

Possible Events

  • Power Wheels Race
  • Circuit Bending
  • Frankenstein stuffed animals
  • Thursday night music event at the Bluebird
  • Open houses at local makers space in Bloomington on Friday night
    • Bloominglabs
    • Trained Eye Arts
    • Bloomington Print Collective
    • Ecovillage
  • Saturday night Par-Tay at Bloominglabs
  • Partnering with Hoosier to Hoosier event that is just a mile south down the B-Line


  • Hoosier Hills
  • Project School
  • Pinnacle School


Possible Sponsors

  • Hoosier Energy
  • Crane's STEM group
  • PTI
  • Cook
  • Ivy Tech
    • Entrepeneurship Institute - Steve Bryant
  • Bender Lumber
    • Paul Bender - 812-339-9730 x210
  • Boston Scientific in Spencer
  • Cummins
  • Baxter
  • Herald Times (maybe in-kind advertising)
  • MCPL (in-kind graphic design)
  • Stansifers
  • Kleindorfers
  • Neff Engineering, a local 80/20 distributor
  • Lowes, Menards, Radio Shack
  • Bloomington Technology Partnership
    • Ron Walker
    • Katy Birge
  • SproutBox
  • Mark Krenz/SUSO
  • Layne Hydro
    • Vic's company


  • Mike McAfee, Executive Director, Visit Bloomington, mike ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Laura Newton, Assistant Directory, Visit Bloomington, laura ]at[ visitbloomington ]dot[ com
  • Talisha Coppock, Executive Director, Convention Center, tcoppock ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com
  • Zoe Monts, Sales and Event Assistant, Convention Center, zoe ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com
  • Lauren Dexter, Event Coordinator, Convention Center, lauren ]at[ bloomingtonconvention ]dot[ com


  • Cost?


  • Venue
  • Insurance
  • Printing
    • Flyers and posters to put up around Bloomington
    • Yard signs
    • Banners for the event
    • Handouts/Program for the event
  • Advertising
  • T-shirts for volunteers
  • 50 Makevention shirts to sell during event plus pre-sales orders and volunteer shirts / ordered 8-8
  • Other Schwag?


  • Charge vendors more ($50?)
  • Encourage $5 per person/$15 for families donations

Registration handout / badges & schwag

  • 200 lanyards with badge clips / ordered 8-8
  • Wood gear laser-cut badges for $10, 100 to be made
  • 500 paper badges

Other events around the same time

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