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'''WRTV 6 (Indianapolis ABC affiliate)'''
'''WRTV 6 (Indianapolis ABC affiliate)'''
'''WCLS event submission'''
<br>submissions made by non-profits will be put on air for free.
<br>Must submit at least 2 weeks in advance
==Magazines and Print==
==Magazines and Print==

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Publicity Outlets

dosman gave me (Steve) a list of publicity outlets he’d compiled while hyping packetsniffers and FOOLS, so I ran with it and have been posting info about workshops and events on various sites and social media and TV and radio and so on. There’s no reason others can’t join in the fun, and in the interest of sharing the info, I created this document.

If you are running down the list to advertise something, weight the type of event you are submitting for the audience. The free forums and stuff is fine for smaller events. I'd use the radio spots and newpapers for workshops and fundraiser events too. However I wouldn't chase periodicals like Bloom Magazine for something like a workshop advertisement, but something larger like Makevention is fine. Just some food for thought for anyone other than sdc or dosman reading this page. Thanks!

First the obvious

Front page of our wiki:
http://bloominglabs.org (get an account there if you don’t have one to edit it)

Our email announcement list:

Facebook and Google+ (ask to be made an Admin on the page)

Our google calendar https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=bloominglabs%40gmail.com&ctz=America/New_York

@Bloominglabs on Twitter (ask Steve for details)

Word of mouth (you can’t beat it)

Flyers (both in the space and in public) - we can always use people with mad design skills to help with this

Online Outlets

VisitBloomington Calendar
This one is pretty nice looking, good for posting links to Twitter and such.

The Scene (ran by the herald times online) has free event posting

Bloomingtononline's calendar (seems to be used quite a bit)

Bloomington Craigslist - The old standby

This site is very nice looking. I’m not sure how much it is used
FYI, seems like other sites do pull events from Eventful automatically like this one.

This is an IU affiliated blog. It covers tech events like TEDx etc. so may be good to reach out to as appropriate.

Monroe County centric message board. Not a calendar but might be worth posting some events here.

Make magazine - no longer does any advertising for hackerspaces :-(
(link is now a forward to an old kickstarter)
http://blog.makezine.com/archive/category/events - this seems to be dead, no events are listed and it's unclear how to submit anything to them :-(
There’s also Hackerspace Happenings on the Make site. As of this writing John Baichtal is the guy you need to email: nerdyjb@gmail.com

Costs $19 for 1 month in "organizer dues", we already have everything they try to provide for you (people who know where we are).

Let’s go bloomington - Includes monthly printed calendar...get your stuff in early:

As of 4-2014 this calendar seems to be in a state of detrius, letsgobloomington.org expired and all contact email addresses went away with that. All events currently listed are recurring ones that go on forever. Might have some luck pinging them via facebook.

Radio and TV

WFIU event submission (web calendar with some/most events read on the air)
This appears to be an especially good outlet as it’s been mentioned more than anything else on this list when we ask how people heard about us.

WFHB on-air event calendar
Available free to non-profits
Email calendar@wfhb.org with the event, approximately 1 week before the event, event is read on air the day it is to happen

CATS Community Calendar
Submissions may be made by any non-profit (rolls on channels 3, 12, and 14 when there's no programming):
Now submissions are by email to: commcal (at) mcpl.info

WRTV 6 (Indianapolis ABC affiliate)

WCLS event submission
submissions made by non-profits will be put on air for free.
Must submit at least 2 weeks in advance

Magazines and Print

IDS events submissions
(man that form is not friendly - if title > 30 characters, throws yr whole submission away.)Seems they have fixed their form, works better now

Herald Times classifieds
Free submission of events to their online calendar (non-profits only). Otherwise it would be a paid classified add or other advertisement:

The Ryder
editor (at) theryder.com
They accept paid advertisements, we used them for Makevention 2013. No one reported seeing the ad in the survey. Unsure if they do smaller free spots for smaller events.

H&L Magazine
jfinch (at) kiva.net

BLOOM Magazine
editor (at) magbloom.com
We had an article in there in 2011


Bloomington Arts
I'd like to reach out to artists that use technology, I think if we talked to the people running this site they may be interested. Apparently arranging events to be posted on their calendar should be done by contactingmarc@artlives.org http://www.bloomingtonarts.info/Public/Calendar/index.asp

Site throws an IIS error now, dead.

Twitter accounts that are nice to us
@bloom_tech (BTP, Bloomington Tech Partnership, they're big supporters.)

Check These Twitter feeds

Indianapolis calendar sites

Online event calendars
http://www.townplanner.com - community/non-commercial events only
http://calendar.indy.gov - City government site
http://www.indyevents.com - requires free login
http://techvenue.com - costs money to post events

TV & Radio stations
http://www.wthr.com/category/179440/trumba-calendar - Channel 13 WTHR
http://wishtv.com/community/events-calendar - Channel 8 WISH
http://events.theindychannel.com/createevent - Channel 6 WRTV
http://www.indysmix.com/pages/16682807.php#.U1X1RMfBIbQ - 107.9FM
http://events.wibc.com/login.aspx?url=add.aspx - WIBC 93.1RM - requires free login and publishable phone number
It seems like about half of all other Indy radio stations link to the WIBC calendar too

Hard copy with online calendars
http://www.nuvo.net - requires free login, events possibly get in their hardcopy

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