[Bloominglabs-announce] General meeting tomorrow, 6:30pm until 10:00pm

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Tue Sep 7 19:41:56 EDT 2010

Hi Kevin,
Both the mac's and the chumby's would be great, thanks! If we can't  
make use of the mac's, I bet Matthew could use them for the animation  
club if you are ok with that.

Thanks again,

On Sep 7, 2010, at 4:01 PM, Kevin Makice wrote:

> I have some hardward for Bloominglabs, if you are interested.
> 1) We are getting back three iMacs (I believe) that had been given  
> to a home-schooling tech experiment club. If any/all of them have  
> some value to you, let me know.
> 2) I have three Chumby's courtesy Bloomingfoods courtesy Big  
> Treetop. Their original purpose was to be a customer service kiosk  
> for local businesses, but Christian Briggs' idea was ahead of it's  
> time. These could be very fun to play with. Again, if you have  
> interest, let me know.
> I'll probably stick everything somewhere otherwise, until I've got  
> more bandwidth to play with them.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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