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Here's some information from Kevin (kmakice at gmail.com) about the Geocaching

Our project is called Toy Boxes and we are part of the Wisdom of Play event
that is coinciding with TEDxBloomington on May 14th.

There are three links you should know about:

       http://wisdomofplay.com - this is the main news site for our projects
       http://tamingthebutterfly.com - this is the game/registration site
for our community ARG
       http://kck.st/fmyQi1 - our Kickstarter funding page

Please distribute these links widely, as it will only help the projects to
do so. If anyone wants to contribute content in the form of a blog post,
please let Kevin know and he can arrange that on the main WoP site.

1) Kickstarter is expected to be a success (reasonable amount, some locals
with the means to step in at the last moment, potential for much more), but
there is no guarantee. We need to operate simultaneously as if Wisdom of
Play will and won't be funded. That means: check in on the Kickstarter site
to see how we are doing before making any purchases, and try to delay any
purchases as long as you can without causing creative problems for yourself.
I think there are lots of things we can get started on now while spending
very little money like the reverse geocaching box.

2) Kickstarter money (or last-minute alternative sponsorship) won't be
available until mid-May. This is because we can't get it out of Kickstarter
until we have successfully ended our campaign (end of April), Amazon clears
it, and then the bank does. I'm anticipating it being available by May 16,
give or take a week. Please SAVE RECEIPTS so the project can pay you back
for what you buy up front. If Kickstarter is more successful, they'll be
able to raise stipends for each project to allow you to do more with that

3) The Toy Boxes are being used as Kickstarter rewards. We will need to fix
or replace any boxes as necessary assuming the funds to do so are available.

4) All projects should try to document (video, photos, journals, sketches)
all the work they do. We will be creating a documentary DVD to give to most
of the backers that contain lots of goodies about these projects. You likely
will have some help with this, in the form of a student who will be
documenting TEDx as well. Keep everything.

I'm looking forward to building these boxes and see how the people of
Bloomington interact with them. Get back to me or Kevin if you have any

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