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This is organized by my friend Seth. They are a fun group!


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Teachers Wanted!! please distribute to everyone you know!

Bloomington Free Skool is a completely grassroots effort, a bunch of
individuals deciding to act collectively and autonomously to create a
skill-sharing network. YOU have unique skills and knowledge! Improve
your community! Share what you know in an open and interactive way!
We’d like you to be part of this project. We are all students and we
are all teachers here. If you have a class idea that focuses on
self-reliance, community, do-it-yourself culture, and/or creating a
new and beautiful world, propose it to us. Fill out our application on
our website!
Find your time, date and place.

For questions feel free to send us an email at
bloomingtonfreeskool at gmail.com

To learn more check out our website!!


April and May 2011 will begin the first two month session of classes.
We need your support and help! We will be distributing a calendar of
classes 2 weeks before classes begin. Check out the website and look
around town.

Please submit your course description by March 1st, 2011 . Unless
otherwise specified by the teacher, students do not need to enroll in
classes. You can just show up! If you have questions contact your

Mel, Paul, Jacob, Ellioto, Megan, Nina, Emi, Devin, Aria, Eduardo, and
Fry Dog (and Michael helped bring us together)
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