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Kevin Makice kevin at makice.net
Sat Feb 12 11:57:10 EST 2011

Hello, hardware gurus.

I have a friend who tried to replace a battery on an old Solio solar charger, but in the process of doing so dismantled too much of the device. In re-opening up the Solio, it looks like there are some severed wires that are supposed to connect two of the three solar petals to the charger. I **think** the device will currently work but only for the main panel, which makes it a bit slow and impractical.

She is looking for someone who might be able to replace the damaged wires and get it operational again. It's out of my wheelhouse, but I'm hoping someone in this group might be willing to take a look.


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> From: "Lexmond, Angela J" <alexmond at indiana.edu>
> Date: February 9, 2011 11:55:15 AM EST
> To: "'Kevin Makice'" <kevin at makice.net>
> Subject: SOS (Save Our Solio)
> Hi Kevin,
> A few years ago I bought a Solio (solar charger for small electronics) (http://www.solio.com/charger/solio-charger-classic.html)  thinking it would be good to have in an emergency so that we could charge our cell phones.  (Ours is the original Solio Classic… it has undergone design improvements over the years).  Well, it sat on a shelf unused, so I decided we should bring it with us to Haiti when we go so that someone who needs it could use it.  I want to give Stevenson and Kendy’s cousin Valerie an old ipod, and this would provide her with a way to charge it.  (Her brother could also use it as a small business… charging people’s cell phones, because it comes with lots of adaptors.) Anyway, I discovered that sitting on the shelf was not good for the battery, and the battery needed replacing.  I ordered a new battery, and when Bob tried to install it last night, he ended up taking too much of the gadget apart and breaking a wire.  He also can’t quite put it back together properly.  I’m wondering if you or one of your techy/gadget savvy friends might be willing to try to Save Our Solio?  If it is not fixable, I’ll need to find another (cheaper) way to charge an ipod and will try to find a hand crank version.  (Recommendations?)
> Thanks in advance for trying?! 
> Angela

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