[Bloominglabs-announce] 3rd of july party at Nick's farm

Venstra, Peter Nicklaus pvenstra at indiana.edu
Fri Jul 1 09:49:26 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I am having a get together at my farm on the 3rd of July.

Here are directions.

For those who like Geo-cache,
39˚ 05’47.40 N
86˚44’21.29 W
Elevation 801ft

For everyone else here are directions.

West 3rd street west. 6 miles after you cross 37.

Turn left at the Marathon Gas station.

[cid:image003.jpg at 01CC37CA.17BC4E40]

Go another 7.2 miles. Come to the electrical substation.
The highway turns right in front of the Sub Station stay on high way.
[cid:image006.jpg at 01CC37CA.17BC4E40]

Stay on the highway for another 600 Ft or so and driveway is on the left at the end of the chain link fence. Take the drive way down the hill a little. It has all been mowed down there so there is plenty of room to park either between the barns or behind them.

Party starts around 6 or 7, when ever people start showing up.

If you own a guitar or banjo or glockenspiel or talking drum please bring them. Ok not the glockenspiel, that would be a bit much.

There will be a couple of grills and a bonfire and ample opportunity to burn meat. Bring your favorite food or may be your 2nd favorite will do. Heck if you find something along the road that looks like it is fresh enough, we are not too picky.
Fireworks will be provided, but that is no reason not to bring some more if you want.
Bales of hay will be available as lawn chairs, tables, furniture, sculpting medium, cannon fodder… for anyone who foolishly forgot to bring lawn chairs, tables ect…

A good time should be had by all who are creative enough to deserve a good time.

See ya,
Nick V.

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