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Jenett Tillotson jtillots at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:33:03 EDT 2011

A colleague of mine is looking for people to do a kids robotics workshop
June 28-29 in Gary, IN for about 30 middle school students. I'm out of town
those days, but I told him I'd hit up Bloominglabs to see if anyone was
interested. It's open as to what you would do with the kids. My colleague
has several Lego Mindstorms that could be used if you'd like, or you're
welcome to come up with your own project. Also, he can help pay for travel
expenses as well.

Feel free to contact him directly about this. His name is Kurt Seiffert and
his email is seiffert at iu.edu.

Thanks in advance!


On Thu, 2 Jun 2011, Kurt Seiffert wrote:
>>>  Hi Jenett,
>>>> Paul Edwards hit me up about this June 28-29th thing in Gary. Kristy and
>>>> I are flatout redlined for June. Would
>>>> you be interested and available to do something around June 28-29 in
>>>> Gary? Do you know any students who might be
>>>> interested in helping out?
>>>> THanks.
>>>> Kurt A. Seiffert                        | seiffert at iu.edu
>>>> Manager, UITS Research Storage      | C: 812-345-1892
>>>> Indiana University, Bloomington         | W: 1 812-855-5089
>>>> Begin forwarded message:
>>>>    From: "Edwards, Paul Dominic" <pdedward at indiana.edu>
>>>> Date: June 1, 2011 10:47:19 AM EDT
>>>> To: "Seiffert, Kurt A" <seiffert at iu.edu>
>>>> Subject: RE: IU Summer Science Camp, July 10-22, 2011 (Networking
>>>> Activity, Robot workshop, etc.)
>>>> Hi Kurt,
>>>> In our conversation I had mentioned another possible robotics event in
>>>> June 28 -29 for around 30 middle
>>>> school students in Gary, IN. There would be other STEM and career
>>>> activities, and the robotics would be on
>>>> one of the days (the activity could be similar to what you did in the
>>>> summer). There is funding for
>>>> travel/expenses and if you had IU grad/undergrad students helping we
>>>> could certainly make arrangements to
>>>> pay them something (I think you mentioned you might contact the Robot
>>>> House on campus...).
>>>> So let me know how that sounds, and I look forward to hearing back from
>>>> you.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Paul
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