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This is from the Lafayette Makerspace mailing list. I know Randy and have
made it clear that Bloominglabs will help in any way we can. Go Randy and


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Hackers and Makers,

I just wanted to touch base with you all and talk about what our next steps
should be.  As you may have heard recently, Mark wants to step back from
the MakerSpace and let someone else take the wheel.

Randy Herban and I volunteered simply because we don't want to see the idea
die on the vine and since there's already a group of people interested we
are hoping we can push forward.  Our main goal here is to help steer the
group towards building something that the group as a majority wants and
hopefully find some resources and space that we can all afford.  We both
work at Purdue in Information Technology.

I was hoping that we could get a few of us  together to meet face to face
and discuss some ideas further and perhaps develop an agenda for moving
forward.  I'm tentatively looking at next Wednesday or Thursday evening,
the 9th or 10th of May.  If I can just get some informal responses about
what might work better for you I'll try to set something up that works for
most of us.  I'm planning on setting up some regular meetings so don't
despair if you can't make it to this one.  I was considering seeing if we
could find someone from another local hackerspace that would be willing to
come to the next meeting after this and discuss how their arrangement works
and how they got started.

Thanks and Happy Hacking!

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