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Anyone interested in competing at the Ft Wayne Maker Faire?


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Subject: Hackerspace Competition at the Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire
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Hello. I would like to introduce myself. I am Ed DeWitt, and I am involved
with an organization in Fort Wayne, Indiana known as TekVenture (
http://tekventure.org/). TekVenture is a public art & technology lab being
built in the near downtown area.******


TekVenture hosts the annual “Chain Reaction Challenge” (
http://tekventure.org/CRC/) and the “Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire” (
http://makerfairefortwayne.com/). Another element of the organization is
the hackerspace known as the “TekVenture Maker Station” (
http://tekventure.org/maker-station/). ****


As part of this year’s FWR Maker Faire (see attached flyer), we are
organizing an mini electric vehicle competition between hackerspaces. The
rules and regulations are attached for your examination. Please note that *this
competition is NOT affiliated with the Power Racing Series (PPPRS) and
there are no national points awarded to any of the competitors*. So if you
think you would enjoy a little friendly competition with other hackerspaces
from around the region, mark October 6 and 7 in your calendars, and come
spend the time at our event.

Lastly, I want to let you know that our Call for Makers is now open too (

Feel free to pass on this information to other people and hackerspaces
which may be interested.  Please direct all questions to me, as I will be
organizing hackerspace attendance at the Maker Faire.****


Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon,

Ed DeWitt
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