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If you've ever wanted to try out a Chumby board, here's a chance to get one
cheap and help out the Tokyo hackerspace as a side effect. (scroll down)


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*From:* Marcelo Rodrigues <marcelo.rodrigues at garagelab.com>
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Count on GarageLab.
If you think our network can help to sell the boards, please post on our
We hope the Tokyo Hackerspace can find a good place.

Good luck!!

*Marcelo Rodrigues*



2012/6/24 Garrett deRosset <garrettderosset at gmail.com>

> Dear Hackerspaces around the world,
> I am contacting you today to ask for your help. The Tokyo Hackerspace has
> got to move.  While we won't refuse a donation, what we are really trying
> to do, is to let everyone know that we have a supply of Chumby boards,
> discounted and priced to sell, that would fully cover our temporary jump in
> expenses. A while back, Safecast picked up a case of Chumby HackerBoards,
> which they intended to use in crowd sourced radiation monitoring across
> northern Japan. Design constraints changed, and so Safecast was left
> holding onto the Chumbys.
> So, here we have an opportunity to get your hands on a Chumby HackerBoard
> Buy one and help us out of a jam. Buy two. You will still be saving a lot
> of money!
> Please visit
> http://www.tokyohackerspace.org/en/product/chumby-hackerboard-support-ths-moving-efforts for
> the details.
> I have a strong belief in Hackerspace solidarity.  I hope you do to.
> Thank you.
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