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Jenett Tillotson jtillots at cogbots.com
Tue Mar 27 15:20:00 EDT 2012

A biohacking project for anyone interested in this stuff. I've always
wanted to build one of these, so I'm also interested in helping out if
others were interested as well.


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Neuroscience Club Outreach
Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:56:10 -0400
Brenna Williams <brelwill at umail.iu.edu>

Hello Karen,
My name is Brenna Williams and I am the secretary of the Neuroscience Club
at IU.  The Neuroscience Club here is in the process of really
starting to branch out since our formation last year including volunteering
at various local schools and after school programs to teach kids
all about cool brain stuff! We were recently given a challenge from a
company that we would like to team up with called Backyard Brains. So,
essentially, we are looking for someone to help us and our friends at
Backyard Brains with an Android application to measure electrical
activity in neurons. If we get a patch for the application, we get a free
Spikerbox which would help us immensely in bringing neuroscience to
the local schools, clubs, and organizations. In lieu of this, we are asking
if you would contact the listserv for Psychology department and
affiliates to try and find someone interested in helping us with this
project. It would be greatly appreciated by all of those involved,
including the Neuroscience Club, Backyard Brains, and all of the students
we are able to reach out to! I have included a link to the Backyard
Brains website to show you what the Spikerbox is as well as the challenge
from the software developer explaining the Android patching
information. If you have any questions or any advice for who else to
contact, just email me at this address and let me know. Thank you!


Backyard Brains Homepage

>From Nathan Dotz (software developer from Backyard Brains): Chances are if
you're at a major university, you know someone doing/studying
Android development. I have a bug over at our github (https://github.com/**
that needs to
be fixed before the next release. Sadly though, I'm currently occupied with
some other projects, and this is on the backburner. If you can
manage to find someone at your school willing to submit a working patch and
a short explanation of what the problem was before I can get
around to finishing fixing it, not only will they be contributing to a
sweet open-source project, but I'll buy you guys a Spikerbox, and even
custom engrave the IU Logo in it for you

Brenna Williams
Indiana University 2012:
Neuroscience B.S.
Secretary of Neuroscience Club
Eigenmann Judicial Board Chair
 (317) 503-7682
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