[Bloominglabs-announce] Help wanted tonight - Making a Dump-Waiter

Russ D rdalton1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 11:20:45 EST 2012

I'd like to make a general call for help tonight if anyone is interested.
I'm working on an arduino project.

If you have some free time and can help, I'd appreciate it.
If you just want to learn more about arduino, here's a chance to practice
on a real project.

Project:*  Build a dumb-waiter (DW) in a 3 story house.

*Functionality Desired:*
- Be able to call the DW to current floor
- Be able to send the DW to a specific floor
- Be able to stop the DW if it gets stuck or someone is screaming in pain

*My plan so far:*
- There will be 2 buttons per floor.  If you push either and the DW is not
on your floor, bring the DW to your floor.
- If the DW is on your floor then read the button and move the DW to the
floor pushed.
- If a button is pushed with the DW is in motion, stop the DW
- There will be a magnetic sensor on each floor to read the position of the
DW and know when it's arrived.
- We are using an powered hoist with an up and a down toggle button (rest
state is off) and want the arduino to be able to 'push' those buttons.  I
have a 2 relay kit that I hope will manage this

I attached a document of how i have things broken down so far.  I also have
some code from
has code for a fake elevator.
Specific areas of problems:*
- How do i write modular code and use the same code with variables?
- How do i set up the arduino pins to avoid random noise?  (pullup,
pulldown, debounce)
- how do i use a relay to pass the current that would otherwise be passed
by pressing the up and down buttons on the hoist?

Thanks for any assistance or recommendations.
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