[Bloominglabs-announce] Public meeting today from 7pm until 10pm

Jenett Tillotson jtillots at cogbots.com
Wed Sep 12 10:51:23 EDT 2012

The space will be open from 7pm until 10pm today for our public meeting. I
will be there at 6:30pm if any member wants to come early and discuss
Bloominglabs business. Also, it's close to the 15th of the month, so pay
your dues if you haven't already.

I'm working on a pachinko machine to use as our piece of the Rube Goldberg
device that Wonderlab is building this Saturday. The event is from
1-4:30pm. If you are a Bloominglabs member and want to come, please drop me
an email. We get in for free since we are a program partner with Wonderlab,
but they need a list of names for the front desk.

See you tonight!

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