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Jenett Tillotson jtillots at cogbots.com
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There were several people at Bloominglabs last night who were interested in
this event and I promised I'd forward it on.



      This is Jason Rinehart contacting you today because I need your help
with a film screening project on this upcoming Earth Day. A recently
released independent film, called "Within Reach", is a documentary created
by a couple who traveled to 100 different intentional communities on their
bicycles, and is a snapshot of efforts across America concerning communities
and sustainability (as of late 2010). The film is now available for
screening- I have ordered the screening kit, which includes a dvd copy of
the movie, and a bunch of other stuff. To view the trailer, go to
www.withinreachmovie.com . I have coordinated with an administrator at Ivy
Tech on the West side to use the Student Commons area as a venue to screen
the film and conduct a presentation on local communities, activities and
opportunities- he has said that Ivy Tech will cover advertising, and provide
chairs, tables, power, movie projection equipment, parking space, and
technical assistance for the event, scheduled now for the evening of Earth
Day, Monday, April 22. I would like your help with any aspect of this you
desire to help with- I'm sure advertising and cleanup efforts would be
appreciated- but more than that, I would like to know what level of
exposure/representation Dandelion Village would like to receive from this
event. Anyone who wishes to participate is encouraged to do so. I will be
contacting many other communities and organizations as well, and if there
are any ecological or human equity based programs in Btown you would like to
bring light to, they are welcome as well. My phone number is 281-507-4680.
-jason rinehart
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