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Wed Aug 7 09:26:08 EDT 2013

Hello all,

This is the weekly reminder of our Public Meeting Night, 7pm at
Bloominglabs over on 3927 W Roll Ave. Although it has 'meeting' in the
name, it's really quite fun and a chance to see what Bloominglabs is about.
There's no charge, all ages welcome (children must be accompanied by a

Tomorrow afternoon is another chance to find out what Bloominglabs is
about, but also to see what Startups in the area are doing, and get a
chance to mix it up and meet people interested in technology and
entrepreneurship. It's Verge Night Bloomington at 5:30 pm Thursday at
SproutBox, and I'll be there doing a 'fireside chat' about Bloominglabs.
More info at the link below:


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