[Bloominglabs-announce] Makevention is coming! Come show off your stuff!

Austin Toombs austintoombs at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 9 19:50:04 EDT 2013

Hi everyone!

Makevention is coming soon, and we're still working on ideas for the
Bloominglabs area. We get 1000 sq ft of Makevention space, and we want to
fill it with Bloominglabs members and activities! What we have so far is on
the wiki:
(also linked from the Makevention wiki page).

If you have any ideas for how you could help out at makevention, you can
either keep track of them on this page or you can email me about them.
Current thoughts on this are that we can have a pool of volunteers in the
area running multiple booths simultaneously, depending on what people seem
interested in or when the booths are getting attention. That way we don't
have too many volunteers manning booths with no visitors at them. If you
are interested in volunteering, let us know!

We are also looking for booth ideas from you! Do you have anything you have
built that you'd like to show off? Do you have anything you can teach
others in a short time frame to give them a little taste of hacker/maker
life at Bloominglabs? Let us know about them!

Was that enough exclamation points?
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