[Bloominglabs-announce] Makevention is coming! Did you bring your coat?

Austin Toombs austintoombs at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 20 10:30:48 EDT 2013

Heya Bloominglabs folks and affiliates,

Makevention is this Saturday, so make sure it's on your calendars! Also,
please take a look at the list of Bloominglabs-related activities / booths
for makevention, and correct it or relate your corrections to me if you see
anything wrong or missing there.

The latest I heard about how we're handling our own volunteers to run our
1000 sq ft section of the space is that whoever is there and willing to
help out will be in a (metaphorical) pool of Bloominglabs volunteers, and
when people are interested in certain booths we can jump up and show them
how it's done. Much like how Wednesday night meetings go except that this
time there will be a lot more new people :)

(I live in a giant bucket)
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