[Bloominglabs-announce] Pick and place robot // Tempo automation

Shashank Samala shashank at projectband.org
Fri Dec 20 16:33:46 EST 2013

Hey everyone,

I've heard about your makerspace before, but just now got a chance to look around your wiki. Very impressive! 

I'm Shashank and I'm part of the Tempo automation (www.tempoautomation.com) team. I'm reaching out to you as I thought your space/ any of your members might be interested in what we're building to prototype PCBs. We've been working on a pick and place robot for custom PCBs and small production runs and looking to launch a crowd funding campaign soon.

Our mission is to bring the capability of lean electronics prototyping to everyone. After pick and place, we will be releasing solder paste dispensing, double-sided & through hole mftg capability, and reflow - in stages. This is really exciting because we can see these machines really transform how makers prototype.

What do you think of the project? Currently we're looking for thoughts/comments/feedback. Would you guys be interested in one of these? 



Shashank Samala
Tempo Automation

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