[Bloominglabs-announce] All Call to Arms! (Open Arena Event)

Zach P zach at packetsniffers.org
Sat Feb 16 22:27:36 EST 2013

So it appears that there will be a meetup online with various  
hackerspaces via Open Arena. It will be a good chance to meet members  
of other spaces and then re-arrange their faces with a shotgun!

To play you will need to get OpenArena. Get it at https://openarena.ws  
download the package, it has .exe, .app and .rpm for all of your needs/

I believe the other spaces that are meeting up to play will be doing  
so ~1:30pm our time and are all based out of .sk and surrounding  
areas. We will have fashionably high pings of course ;)

This game is being hosted by Progressbar.sk and you can talk to them  
directly for more information irc://freenode.net #progressbar. I  
believe their server will be listed in the OpenArena lobby as  
'Progressbar OpenArena'.

Members and non members alike are welcome and we will have wifi and  
ethernet aplenty for anyone wanting to play!

If any one desires pizza let me know. If I recall Little Cesar's has  
pretty cheap pizzas and I would be happy to kick in for a little bit  
o' the greasy'!

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