[Bloominglabs-announce] Machining Course - In need of 2nd metal lathe

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Wed Jul 24 00:57:41 EDT 2013


For the past few months we've been holding a machining class for Bloominglabs members. The course consists of homework before class begins (both video and reading assignments), followed by 4 weeks of workshop time at 3 hours each session. Both lathe and mill work is performed in the class. The class has been going well and we have been improving it with each rendition. Once all members who wish to take the class have done so we plan to make it available to the public.

Currently our main difficulty is only having a single metal lathe which severely restricts the amount of work which can be done even with only 2 students per class. We have an Atlas TH-42 which is a bench-top lathe with a 10" turning capacity. We're currently scouring CraigsList and other sites looking for another lathe of comparable size and quality. Before we make any investment I thought it would be worth asking our announce list if anyone knows of someone who might have a metal lathe which they would be willing to sell or loan to us. Bloominglabs is a charitable non-profit so we can offer a tax deduction in the amount the machine is worth. Otherwise, we are looking at a few members pooling some money to buy a 2nd lathe. Due to the popularity of this class I don't anticipate being able to offer it to the public until late this year or possibly next year. Getting a second lathe will go a long way to speeding up the class.

If anyone on our announce list has any leads please feel free to forward this message along. We can be reached off-list at contact at bloominglabs dot org.


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