[Bloominglabs-announce] Have a seat available for Midwest RepRap Festival

josh crawley jwcrawley at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 02:54:33 EDT 2013

Hello, I'm Josh Crawley, the newest member to Bloominglabs!

I'm attending a 'conference' up at Elkhart about the RepRap and 3d printers
this Friday and Saturday (hours are from Friday noon to Sunday noon).
There's no cost to attend. There's also free wifi and electricity, as well
as space if you bring your 3D printer. See: http://midwestreprapfest.org/

Josef Prusa (one who developed a line of open documentation printers) will
be there, as well as other prominent peoples. There's even a limited 3d
printer buy-in where you buy a ticket (equal to parts for printer), and you
assemble it there.

I'll be leaving on Friday at 10am from Bloomington, and I have room in my
car for someone else. I'm looking at getting back here around 'late
Saturday' (will probably leave from up there at 7pm) . If anyone would like
to come with, fire off an email to me. You can also call (317)376-8735, but
phone is spottier than email.

All the best,
Josh Crawley
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