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I bet we can draw more than 50 people if the word gets out.

I am going to all these now I know they're open to the general public.


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On Mar 25, 2013, at 4:03 PM, Jenett Tillotson <jtillots at cogbots.com> wrote:

The second IU Makes lecture is this Thursday. This time Bloominglabs will
be part of the discussion and we will be giving a short presentation on
hackerspaces and then Steve, Nathan, and I will be on a discussion panel.
Please come by. Everyone is welcome.


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Subject: IUMakes -- Second Lecture - Thurs March 28th, 5:30pm CIB

   *With just under 50 people in attendance at the first event we are *

*happy to present the second lectures on March 28th.*

*Thursday March 28th* *5:30 - 6:30 pm*
IQ Wall - Lobby Area
Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB)
2709 E. 10th Street <http://it.iu.edu/cib/>

 *Martha MacLeish* - Fine Art, *Drawing in the Digital Age*

*Steve Charlesworth* - *What is BloomingLabs?*

*BloomingLabs Panel* - Including Steve Charelsworth & Jenett Tillotson



Are you Interested in New Technology, Rapid Prototyping, Hacker Spaces, or
Arduinos?* Or *do you you create things or want to learn more about these
processes and capabilities?

*IUMakes* is a new organization created by people from all over IU's campus
in order to share events, work produced, and highlight work being made
using innovative technologies. Our objectieves are to connect people and
give them the details about individuals, organizations, and events
happening throughout IU, the city of Bloomington, and the broader
community. We strive to develop a community of sharing, networking, and
having fun about the work that we MAKE.

Part lectures, part demonstrations, part workshops *IUMakes* is a community
of people who are interested in using innovative technologies and softwares
along with traditional tools and materials to create things.

*IUMakes* seeks to bring together these like minded researchers, students
and the public in order to:

1. Identify what is currently being created at IU and the surrounding
2. Create a forum to discuss and share the tools and technologies are being
used to make things
3. Create a network for discussion, dialogue, and possible collaboration
4. Provide opportunities for hands-on learning through digital fabrication
and prototyping

  <IUMakes - Web shot.jpg>

 IUMakes - Web shot.jpg


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