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In case you haven't heard.


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  Hello -- just a reminder

 This  Thursday September 5th - at the Cyberinfrastructure
Building (CIB) from 5:30 - 7:30, located at 10th & the Bypass.
** Parking has been notified NOT to ticket


 *Steven Backs *from the Monroe County Public Library - will discuss how
public libraries are supporting their communities' inner geeks by
developing programs and services for making, digital creativity, STEM and
other forms of technology literacy, including the "Maker
program initiated by MCPL in 2013 that incorporates several hands on making


 *Sophia Bender* from Education & Learning Sciences - Sophia will discuss
her research
in relation to education and innovative technologies and providing
about our first workshop - *ETextiles* on *September 26th*.

 For more information and view the rest of the 2013 Fall line up - visit
our website:


 Please come join us and share this invite.
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