[Bloominglabs-announce] Machining Class now open to the public!

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Wed Jan 15 13:18:35 EST 2014


Bloominglabs is proud to announce that it's machining class is now ready to open up to the public! We've been running this class internally for members since June of last year and it's been very well received so far. We have three spaces available for this next round of classes.

Class description:
We are presenting a machine tool workshop focusing on manual mill and lathe work. The goal of this workshop is to get students able to safely and comfortably perform lathe and mill operations and be able to continue their learning by doing further projects after the workshop has concluded. Machine tool work requires a lot of knowledge including book learning along with practical experience. This workshop will get participants started with a basic understanding of lathe and mill operations and other related skills. We will start with safety, then cover proper operations of the mill and the lathe. Then we will cover indicating and measurments followed by the project. The project will be an aluminum plumb-bob.

Time frame and class scheduling:
Two weeks are given before the start of class for homework to be completed. The class is four weeks long and consists of four one-evening sessions of three hours each, one session per week. We will schedule dates for the class based upon times which work for the students taking the class.

The homework consists of  5 chapters of related books to be read and several hours of training videos to be watched by any students taking the class. Homework materials will be provided electronically.

This class will cost $150 per student. This will cover all materials needed by the student. Payment is required up-front before classes will be scheduled.

Web site for this class:

Please reply to my email off-list if you are interested.


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