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Jenett Tillotson jtillots at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 12:10:51 EST 2014

We are going to be holding a course on Artificial Intelligence at
Bloominglabs. This course will be a rigorous, college level course that
will meet once a week for 2 and a half hours for 10 weeks. I will be
teaching the course, and I have expertise in many areas of AI, particularly
neural nets and genetic algorithms. We will charge $25 for the course for
Bloominglabs members and $125 for non-members. That's $5 an hour for
college-level instruction in AI. It's a great deal!

I will rely heavily on the lectures from an AI course at Berkeley:

This course uses Russell and Norvig's book "Artificial Intelligence: A
Modern Approach" which you can find on amazon here:


This is an excellent textbook and I will make a copy of the second edition
available at Bloominglabs during the course.

Prerequisites are:
* Some ability to program. You will be free to complete the assignments in
any language you prefer. Note, my expertise is in C, and I will be most
likely use C to demonstrate the concepts in this course.

You will be expected to:
* Attend class
* Review online materials for each class that I would like people to skim
before coming to class

There will be homeworks which will not be required, but will help your
understanding of the course if you do them.

I've created a doodle poll for determining which day of the week we should
have the course here:


I'm thinking we will meet 6:30pm to 9pm, but I could adjust that if needed.

If you would like to attend the course, please go to the doodle poll and
show your availability.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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