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Celebrate the Maker Movement!

On June 18, 2014, a special-edition Maker Faire will take place at the
White House where the nation will join together to celebrate a Day of
Making.  During the White House Maker Faire, select makers will show off
their projects and talk with the President about making and it's impact on
their lives.

Making a difference:

As the White House prepares to hold its first-ever Maker Faire, we are
committed to working with others in our community and with institutions to
advance one or more of the following goals to promote Making, including:

   - To foster a local community of makers who participate in events,
   workshops, and outreach to grow a vibrant local maker community that is
   open and inclusive.
   - To create and sustain makerspaces that serve all youth in our
   community. We recognize the need for makerspaces in schools, libraries,
   museums and other community-serving organizations.
   - To provide mentorship and support for students to develop projects
   that support the engaging, hands-on learning in the classroom and outside
   - To help organize school-based Maker Faires that showcase student
   projects for the local community;
   - To provide mentorship and support for makers who are starting new
   businesses or expanding existing businesses;
   - To recognize and celebrate makers as well as the contributions of
   those who organize the local maker community.
   - To participate in local and regional efforts to create a productive
   Maker ecosystem that involves companies, investors, skilled volunteers,
   state and local officials, libraries, museums, schools, after-school
   programs, labor unions, and community-based organizations.

 *Dale Dougherty asks you to join him and sign the "Building Maker
Communities" pledge! <http://newsletter.makezine.com/t/r-l-xkjdjhl-l-s/>*

*Get Zero to Maker for free!*

To celebrate your participation in the Day of Making, you'll receive a free
PDF download of David Lang’s book, *Zero to Maker*
<http://newsletter.makezine.com/t/r-l-xkjdjhl-l-g/> and an electronic badge
to put on your social media pages after you sign the pledge.

More ways to get involved:

*In conjunction with the White House Maker Faire, June 18th is also being
celebrated as a Day of Making.*

Here are ways to participate:

   - Celebrate the Day of Making by making something and sharing a photo on
   Twitter using the hashtag #nationofmakers
   - Hold an open house at your local Makerspace
   - Volunteer to mentor someone in making
   - Plan to join us for Maker Camp
   <http://newsletter.makezine.com/t/r-l-xkjdjhl-l-w/> this summer
   - Follow the Day of Making action
   <http://newsletter.makezine.com/t/r-l-xkjdjhl-l-yd/> online

 *You can find and follow the White House Maker Faire coverage and learn
about the makers who are participating here

You're receiving this because you are a supporter of the maker movement.

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